Cloud solutions in Enterprise Mobility

According to a study by the market research and consulting company International Data Corporation (IDC), mobile working will be a key topic for German companies in the coming years. In western Europe, “mobile workforce” will grow annually by more than five percent up to the year 2016 according to forecasts by IDC. Cloud solutions will play an increasing import role in Enterprise Mobility, as worldwide 81 percent of companies are already using cloud solutions, shown in the global survey by consulting and IT services company Capgemini (study) on the use of cloud computing in the enterprise.

Current situation

In the beginning, mainly the responsible management used mobile applications on smartphones and tablets. These were mostly isolated and very specific solutions, i.e. developed based on the requirements of an individual customer or department. The increasing proliferation of tablets and smartphones in the private sector has finally made employees in all departments and business units want to use mobile devies for their daily work. This use of mobile devices has led to a increased productivity and efficiency in the companies. Thus, not only the needs of the employees are met, but it also allows customers or partners to mobile access corporate data.

Cloud solutions are important

With this trend of mobilizing enterprise applications, cloud solutions are an increasingly important addition to current mobile applications. To implement an Enterprise Mobility Strategy, companies have access to a wide range of cloud solutions in the areas of mobile architecture, security, management, design and app development. This enables companies to achieve a competitive edge in terms of time-to-market. The duration from the product development until product placement on the market are costs for the company. Through the use of cloud solutions, this time can be reduced, thereby reducing overall costs. In addition, new solutions and products can be offered to the market much faster.

The benefits of cloud solutions are:

  • Integration into existing company infrastructure
  • Risk minimization by low investment and reduced fixed costs
  • Flexible use of systems and resources

The biggest concerns are the safety risks associated with using a cloud – this is especially true for German companies, which are above average worried about data ownership and physical data storage. Therefore, the use of cloud solutions in Germany in the international comparison is below average.


Through the use of cloud solutions arise many advantages for companies. At the same time, security and privacy issues have to be considered in order not to take risks for business critical data, especially when using mobile solutions. The Federal Office for Information Security in Germany (BSI) has published a key issue paper for secure cloud computing, by which companies are supported in selecting a suitable service provider.

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