Enterprise Mobility – How the mobile world drives business [White paper]


Enterprise Mobility is booming. Organizations are forced to connect with their employees and customers through new channels and across new devices and applications. M-Way Consulting recently published a white paper concerning this growing topic.

Executive Summary

More and more employees carry their own smartphone into work with the intention to check their mails and use personal applications. But Enterprise Mobility is much more than just accessing a corporate mail account from your mobile device. It defines a strategy to enable processes and applications for mobile use, so that they can be used at any time and from any location. This flexibility enables companies to develop new business opportunities and distribution channels and optimize their processes. To achieve this, in addition to the use of mobile devices, the corresponding infrastructure and services with which the business processes can be used must be provided. The movement of Bring Your Own Device as well as the device and platform diversity on the mobile market have driven IT departments to invest in strategic mobile capabilities with-in their companies. This white paper deals with the current trends in the mobile world and gives a general insight to Enterprise Mobility. The explanation of the basic elements of Mobility in Enterprise is concluded with three reasons for the need of a mobile strategy.


  • Current facts and trends of the mobile world
  • Basic elements of Mobility in enterprises
  • Three reasons why enterprises need a mobile strategy

Get your free copy here: mway.io/18FpmYO

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