Hacker attack on Vodafone Germany

On Thursday, Vodafone Germany told from their own website that cybercriminals have stolen key information from two million customers. These information include name, address, date of birth, gender and bank account number. „This attack was only possible with high criminal energy, insider knowledge and happened hidden deep in the companys IT infrastructure,“ said Vodafone. The telecommunications company announced that the cybercriminals have gained no access to credit card information, passwords, PIN numbers, mobile phone numbers or data connection. According to Vodafone only mobile customers are affected, but not the about three million broadband internet customers in Germany.

It’s possible to check if your data was also affected by this attack. Vodafone provides a user query on their website:

Mobile security

This attack shows that security is an all-time issue which should be considered important for every kind of business handling with customer data. Of course, it’s obvious that you can’t secure corporate data from inner attacks of one’s own employees or external partners, but there should be a stronger focus on preventing and defending your IT enterprise landscape from intentional attacks from outside.

Since the smartphone era evolved, mobile devices is providing a new challenge to corporate security. It’s getting more simple for it-criminals to deploy spyware or viruses on your mobile device, where regular security mechanisms like firewalls or secured buildings do not exist. Well protected smartphones and tablets can avoid damages caused by malware and keeps the mobile gadget free of hackers and invading software. Modern Mobile Device Management (MDM) systems help companies manage their corporate and privately owned devices and can control the usage of apps at any time.

What you can do to secure your smartphone is described in this article.

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