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Mobile-friendly websites boost m-commerce sales

M-Commerce: Mobile Devices

What is the role of mobile devices in stationary or online commerce? In many cases, consumers view a product in the store and take it in visual inspection, but buy it elsewhere or online. This scenario is known as the dreaded “showrooming“. The products are considered at the exhibition space, but aren’t ultimately purchased. Common reasons for this are the additional values of e-commerce, such as: further product details, price comparison as well as ratings and recommendations of other customers. Increasingly, buyers are interested in using their smartphones for the mobile purchase of products so that they can quickly search the desired item or can pay them cashless with their credit card or related non-cash means. On the other hand, waiting times on busses or trains are often used for a little shopping tour on the smartphone or tablet as well as browsing sessions in the evening on the couch for the latest products at their favorite shop. These facts lead to the conclusion that many customers want to retrieve mobile content. According to StatCounter global data, mobile devices accounted 14 % of global web traffic in 2013, up from 3% in 2010. So companies would be well advised to make sure their online services are also available for mobile devices. Weiterlesen