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Top Enterprise Mobility Blogs

Blogs have gained in relevance during the last years – they have become far more than just online diaries and picture books. And for highly dynamic subjects, as for example Enterprise Mobility, blogs are very good source of information.

We have selected some excellent blogs about Enterprise Mobility from the vast number of blogs out there, which will provide you with a good starting point for online ressources. Weiterlesen

Cloud solutions in Enterprise Mobility

According to a study by the market research and consulting company International Data Corporation (IDC), mobile working will be a key topic for German companies in the coming years. In western Europe, “mobile workforce” will grow annually by more than five percent up to the year 2016 according to forecasts by IDC. Cloud solutions will play an increasing import role in Enterprise Mobility, as worldwide 81 percent of companies are already using cloud solutions, shown in the global survey by consulting and IT services company Capgemini (study) on the use of cloud computing in the enterprise. Weiterlesen

How to secure your mobile device

slider_securityYou’re sitting in the train, in a café or strolling in the park, wherever you are, 3-4 of 5 people around you have a smartphone in their hands. But is everybody aware of the risks that a smartphone brings with it?

Banking-App, Paypal-App, Facebook, Mail-Accounts, they all contain very private and sensitive data. The concentration of finance and access data makes smartphones a major target for criminals. Even eavesdropping on telephone calls and secretly converting smartphones into a listening bug or a supervision camera is feasible with special Apps. But taking into account to the below mentioned tips, you can do more for the security of your smartphone. Weiterlesen

Microsoft bought Nokia! – Is it too late?

What has been speculated for a long time has finally happened: Microsoft acquires Nokias mobile business. The two companies announced on Tuesday the 03.09.2013 that the software company Microsoft takes over the core business of the mobile phone company Nokia. The price of the deal amounts 5.44 billion Euro, whereby the software giant spends 3.79 billion Euro for the business with devices and services and further 1.65 billion Euro for patent licenses. Weiterlesen

Mobilize applications using a mobility platform

In our consulting business, we are often faced with the same questions: how can mobile applications be integrated and managed in an existing application landscape? How do we achieve maximum reuse of existing application logic using homogeneous architecture? The answer to these questions is often: with a mobility platform.

Problems many customers face

Most companies now understand that enterprise mobility will be one of the major drivers of innovation in the next years. After some initial and often hesitant experiments bringing selected business applications to smartphones and tablets, companies now see the opportunities in making core processes and applications available on mobile devices. This mobilization results in greater flexibility and efficiency in the implementation of the companies business processes. Weiterlesen

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